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I love playing your game, but I must say you have this game rigged so the guy who has the game in hand loses almost all the time . I have played BG all my life and can safely say I am a master player, but it seems every time the opponent is going to lose the game rolls the only dice you don't need him to have .

I can predict what's coming when Im in a winning position. I lose 5,6,7 games in a row, but I'll be winning until all my men are in my end and the opponent gets the perfect roll all the time . I know and realize that you are trying to get your users to buy coins, but I would never need to if LOTB s would make a proper game and not a fake game like it is .

Playing checkers is more fun . Shame on you LOTBs

User's recommendation: Don’t buy coins .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lord of the Board Cons: Cheating app, Very unstable app.

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Totally agree with the negative comments on here they will tell you on facebook that they use a random number generator that is total rubbish myself and a friend played 20 games each and on 97.3 % of the time their so called random number generator threw exact number for single chip that is no way random I just wish they would realise that if they had a proper random number generator then people would buy coins thus making themselves more money until then AVOID this game and then perhaps these Israeli con artists would come to their senses and not sit on their chairs laughing at their gullible players

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